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DP - Using RedHat Linux to control STK L700e library

Posted by prowla 

We have an ageing StorageTek L700e library that seems to be refusing to depart, and it is currently controlled via an equally or more ageing HP rp5450 (L2000-44) PA-RISC server that is running HP-UX 11.0 (now out of support) and is attached via SCSI. All the server does is sit in a secondary data centre and control the library's robotic arm (/dev/rac/c0t8d0), nothing else.

The LTO drives in the library are SAN-attached, and other HP-UX systems are configured as media servers.

We would like to replace the server with something currently supported and in tune with our operational Itanium servers (running HP-UX 11i v3), but the current standalone Itanium servers are a limited range and rather expensive. We need a standalone system due to location, and don't have a blade enclosure.

Given the expense and overkill of using a HP-UX server for this menial role, it has been suggested that we use a Linux system instead (eg. RHEL on a current DL360).

Has anybody any advice on setting up RHEL as a controller: what is the device the robotic arm comes out as?, any issues?, etc.

Thanks very much for your help!
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