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baremetal restore of sun V880 from data protector backup

Posted by goldwinguk 

I've inherited an old Sun V880 server which i need to incorporate into our DR plan.

The server is on Solaris 10 hosting a single Progress based application.

Its backed up with Data protector 6.11

I have some basic unix knowledge and can quite happily restore individual files and directories but I've no idea how i would do a bare metal restore in a DR situation. The windows servers i can boot with a boot CD with DP Agent and restore that way but not sure of how to go with this one.

hit google and got lots of advertising blurb telling me how good data protector was at bare meta restores but nothing on how to do it.

Does anyone know of any guides/docs on how to achieve a bare metal restore of a solaris server?

I'm probably being dumb but my initial thoughts are I'm going to have to.

Manually Install Solaris 10 from DVD (haven't seen the DR contract yet but assume box is bare metal no O/S)

Manually set up disk slices as per original box

Manually Install DP Agent (This box is also the Solaris Installation Manager)

Restore everything else form DP Backups.

Hoping there's an easier way
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