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Linux - Invalid device file type - IBM LTO 3

Posted by forcefullpower 

Got a problem that seems be quite strange and can't seem to figure it out.

I keep getting the following error but this only occurs on IBM LTO 3 drives all LTO 2 & 4 I have work fine. The backup will work successfully without a problem until either the drive is power cycled or unzoned and rezoned from the SAN. The first backup that you do following this gives the error below. Yet if I check the server all the st and nst files are their including the by-id. By the way the problem also occures even if I use the st files. Once you run the second backup or you have auto device discovery one it will find the device perfectly fine and the backup will be succesful.

[90] /dev/tape/by-id/scsi-3500507630897fcg-nst
Cannot open device (Invalid device file type.)

Does anyone know of any timeouts that I need to extend on the Emulex FC cards of with linux itself in regards to udev. I am now scratching my head a little. Or is there a setting within the SAN if anyone is SAN expert.
Hi there, by now I hope you have found an answer. One question when you rezone the drive to your server do you rescan for it in DP?
Recreating it may help.
Also one other thing on the San side, if you have disk presented to the same server as the tape drive, ensure the disk and tape are not in the same zone. Having the two together will cause the tape drive to drop off the server.
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