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VEPA Backup behind firewall

Posted by Hampster 
VEPA Backup behind firewall
August 28, 2013 08:30AM
Hi All,

I have 1 ESX host behind a firewall, the CM/Media agent and vSphere server are both on the other side. I have opened the following ports from the Backup HostÂ’ (CMMA) to the ESX (virtualization host):
Backup Host ---> ESX 5555
ESX --> Backup Host 5555
Backup Host ---> ESX 902
ESX --> Backup Host 902
Backup Host ---> ESX 443
The vc to esx has the following ports:
VC ---> ESX 5555
ESX -->vc 5555
vc ---> ESX 902
ESX --> vc 902
vc ---> ESX 443

When the backup starts I see sbnaps being taken and deleted, but there is no transfer of data. The backup aborts.

Can anyone see a problem with the firewall.
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