Getting approval for a new backup design (Backup to Basics Series)

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We say it all the time: your backup requirements must be based on business/organizational needs. If you keep that in mind, not only will your organization be better off, it’ll be easier to get approval for the new backup system you want. This episode of our Backup to Basics series goes right to that core idea, and we get advice directly from one of our favorite guests: Jeff Rochlin. He is now the Head of Technical Operations at the LA Studio of Framestore, a visual effects company. In his 30+ year career he has designed and implemented dozens of systems (at least one of them with Mr. Backup). He shares with us his tips on how to design the system AND how to get it approved.

If you’d like to see what Jeff and Curtis do for fun, check out their other podcast, The Things That Entertain Us.

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