Inside look at the DDOS attack on Fathom Analytics (Restore it All Podcast #83)

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Fathom Analytics ( is a privacy-first analytics engine, and they were attacked in November 2020 via a very big DDOS attack that threatened their core business. Jack Ellis, co-founder of Fathom Analytics, is a developer and first used the developer mindset to address this threat. He quickly realized he was out of his depth and decided to call for help. The AWS Shield Advanced team came to the rescue and helped them shut down the attack, and helped to stop additional attacks that were still on the horizon.

Jack wrote about his experiences in the blog post “Someone attacked our company,” and its URL is below. Now he shares his experience with us. What’s it like to be attacke by an unknown assailant bent on doing your company harm – and to not be sure how to stop it? Join us on this episode to find out!

Someone Attacked Our Company:

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