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Beer and Backups, Part 1 (Restore it All Podcast Episode #12)

Special guest on the podcast this week, Ben Patridge (Portland beer Ben), and W. Curtis Preston (Mr. Backup) discuss horror stories and other things gone wrong with backups, while drinking a couple of Trappist beers from Belgium.
(BTW, neither of us got the pronunciation of Westmalle correct.  Here it is if you’re interested: ).

How Hollywood does backup (Restore it All Podcast Episode #9)

Today we have a special guest on Restore it All, and it’s none other than Jeff Rochlin, an industry veteran and long-time friend. He’s going to be giving us the inside scoop about how they do storage and backups in Hollywood, where he has worked for over 40 years. He started out as an actor, and has run IT for the likes of Disney, Dreamworks, and is now head of IT at Fandango and...