PBS does my shipmates proud!

This has nothing to do with backups, but I just finished watching the first episode of Carrier on PBS and I'm feeling proud… Click Read More to find out why.

I served in the US Navy from 1987-1993 and aboard the USS Constellation most of that time.  I was an IC2 (Interior Communications Electrician) in the "Plat-Lens" shop, which had two purposes: take video of flight operations and give the pilots a fixed reference to land with.  It was exciting, fun, and changed me for forever and for the good.  (I am also golden shellback if anyone knows what that means.)

I was actually lucky enough to be on board when they filmed "To Fly,"  an Imax movie that they show in the Navy Memorial in DC to this day.  Believe it or not, a 100-lb lighter version of me is in three scenes, and the "star" of the movie was my lieutenant.  (Little known fact: everyone in the movie is real except the Lieutenant's wife and kid.  They're actors.) 😉

Now it's over twenty years later and I'm sitting here watching the 2nd episode in PBS's "Carrier," and I couldn't be more proud of my shipmates.  Sure, it's a different ship (the Nimitz), and it's 20 years later, but I feel like I know every one of these guys.  If you have any interest in the Navy, the show is really well done.  It's a 10-hour documentary that follows some real-life "characters" (to help you connect with the crew) as they head off for Iraq.

It's amazing how much has changed (phone booths out to sea?  Are you kidding me?), and it's amazing how much is exactly the same (too much to list).

All you former (or current) military, I'm proud of you.  Sound off in the comments, will ya?

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6 thoughts on “PBS does my shipmates proud!

  1. Doddy says:

    Guess I’ll have to wait until its released on National Geo or Discovery Channel over here

  2. Doddy says:

    How weird … after posting yesterday I today turn on Nat Geo and there’s Super Carrier. A documentary about getting the carrier USS Eisenhower up to battle ready …

  3. fredfox52 says:

    Hi Mr. Backup:

    I too served in the Navy for 9 years and some change; Surface Warface qualified but still a pollywog. I was suprised to see the show while I was channel surfing last week. I was also surprised to see such candid real life discussions not just “Navy” jargon. Anyway, I think it’s great for others to be able to experience the world’s finest Navy up close and personal.

  4. cpjlboss says:

    I was Surface Warfare qualified, too. That was a lot of work as I recall, but it was gave me something to do with all those hours out to sea.

    Thank you for your service.

  5. J.Miller3 says:

    It’s been a couple of three days and ummm years ago… but I remember heading towards Pago Pago – American Samoa’s to recover Apollo 14 crew and capsule and became a shellback in the process. (We’ll spare everyone the glory details :-)) (don’t really know what a ‘Golden shellback’ is though… maybe multiple times?) I was an AT2 – green shoe with HS-6 squadron. Great times and memories… Our computers were slightly bigger back then.

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