Mr. Backup coming to a city near you in 2008

Tech Target and GlassHouse have agreed on the cities and dates for 2008, so I thought I'd share them with you as soon as possible.  Maybe I'll be speaking at a city near you!

The following are the dates and cities that Tech Target will be hosting events and I will be speaking.  The Backup Road Show is a one-day seminar focused entirely on backup, and I am the featured speaker for about 3-4 hours.  The Storage Decisions conference are much larger, multi-day events where I am but one of many speakers.  They even have talks about things other than backups!  (Go figure.)  The dates and cities are subject to change, of course, but they usually don't. 

Like all Tech Target events, they are free for end users, but vendors are kindly invited to exhibit — not attend. 😉  (They will verify that you work for an actual end-user company.)

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Backup Road Show 2008

Thu. Mar. 13 Toronto, ON
Tue. Mar. 18 Chicago, IL
Thu. Mar. 20 San Francisco, CA
Tue. Mar. 25 Atlanta, GA
Thu. Mar. 27 Dallas, TX
Tue. Apr. 1 Charlotte, NC
Thur. Apr. 3 Foxwoods, CT
Tue. Apri. 29 St. Louis, MO
Thu. May. 1 Orlando, FL
Tue. Jun. 24 London, England
Tue. Jul. 15 Denver, CO
Thu. Jul. 17 San Diego, CA
Wed. Jul. 23 Montreal, QC
Tue. Sep. 9 Washington, DC
Thu. Sep. 11 Houston, TX
Thu. Oct. 2 Seattle, WA
Tue. Oct. 7 Kansas City, MO
Tue. Nov. 18 Phoenix, AZ
Thu. Nov. 20 New York, N

Storage Decisions 2008

May 13-15 in Chicago
June 5-6  in Toronto
September 23-25 in NY
November 4-6 in SF

There are a few others that are still in the works, and I'll keep you posted.

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  • Any idea why they’re not doing Seattle again this year ? We’d love to hear you talking about several of those topics, particularly de-dup and the configurations.
    Seattle will miss you! 🙁

  • Other than the fact that I’m a limited resource, I can do only so many cities, and they’re trying to do some cities that we haven’t done before.

  • Saving my pennies and braincells as I speak, might catch you on the EU leg (is that official yet) ?

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