The Very Tape-Centric Backup Views in Finland (Restore it All Podcast #88)

In another fascinating look into a very different world (backup-wise), we are delighted to have Timo Piiparinen from Multicom in Finland. He’s been in the IT industry for over 40 years at the same company! TImo gave us a fascinating look into a very different backup world. He makes a case for tape in the backup system (something I gave up on a while ago) because he’s using a backup software vendor that didn’t give up on the medium and actually innovated for it. Using a unique multiplexing setup that used flash disk as a big cache for the tape, very large block sizes, and what he called read-optimized writes, they run these tape drives at over 650 MB/s during backups and can guarantee restore speeds! He and I spar a bit over the value of disk during DR, and his position was that this was only necessary for the most critical systems. He’s a fan of tape, which is hard to find these days. TImo will be back.

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