Vast Data really is vast!

Vast is a massively-scalable storage system designed around multiple pieces of technology that weren’t available just a few years ago (e.g. NVMe, Storage class memory, QLC) that offers both file and object functionality, immutable snapshots, and integration with the cloud to address the “smoking hole” problem. Their typical sale (of which they’ve made many) is north of $1 million, and they have many exabytes of disk in the wild. It’s a scale-out storage system without all the typical East-West traffic such systems have. We do our best to poke holes in their offering, but Howard Marks goes toe-to-toe quite well. This one went a little long (one hour) but we truly were fascinated with the Vast story Howard was telling.

If you’d like to watch the video version, here you go!  (Transcript is below the video)


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