Veeam continues to innovate

In a recent blog post, I praised Veeam and others for having a work-around for VMware’s limited VSS implementation.  They’re still on a very short list.  But now they’ve really out-done themselves.  The VRanger guys better watch out or they’ll be looking at Veeam’s taillights pretty soon.
Veeam has announced their forthcoming SureBackup product and I think the idea is AWESOME.  It will automatically test every single backup of VMware for integrity and operational readiness.  Say what?

Even if you’re doing really good VSS backups, which they are, you’re never sure if your backup is any good until you try to use it.  So what they’re going to do is actually automate using every backup to ensure it’s good!

They will create the appopriate virtual machines and private network (using another or the same ESX host), then present to those VMs a read-write snapshot based on the latest backup.  They will start the VMs, then allow the applications in those VMs to be tested for availability. Users will be able to use their own scripts (and potentially some Veeam-supplied scripts for common apps) to ensure that Exchange, SQL, etc is running fine.

Once a given backup has been tested, the bits written to it are discarded (they were written to a cache and the original snapshot was never actually modified), leaving the original backup in a tested — definitely ready to go — state.  Pretty slick, huh?

It’s not out yet.  I haven’t seen it, so I have no idea if it’s going to actually work.  But what they’re SAYING it’s going to do is simply awesome IMHO. Check it out here.

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