Which logo do you like best?

I used designcrowd.com to do a logo contest and have seen almost 50 submissions from around the world.  I’ve put what I think are the best below and wanted to know what you think.  Please vote for the poll that you will find in the left column of this website.

Remember that colors and sizes of things can change if I need them to.  If you like a logo, but think it’s colors/sizes should change, then vote for that logo, but leave a comment on this article with your feedback.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts.


Blue Box w/Arrows



Orange w/Computer


Green Safe




One line w/dots



Stacked w/dots



World w/arrow



Dots in a circle



Striped World


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17 thoughts on “Which logo do you like best?

  1. bob rafetto says:

    blue box with arrows is my fav. The others are good, but the blue box just seemed to make sense to me.

  2. Vinn says:

    I think there should be a pointer from the a in Central back to the a in Backup to indicate that you support block-level deduplication.

  3. Oil Damage says:

    I like the Safe one best for the imagery. It has your data safely locked up for when you need it, protected from fat finger mistakes.

    I think the Green safe and the Blue lettering for “Backup” clash though.

    Just my $.02 of course.

  4. einomoto says:

    World w/arrow logo: Replace the “C” in Central by the world graphic. You could also stack the words for a more compact look.

  5. alexsons says:

    For what its worth…do me the safe.

    And I’d opt for a blue vault while keeping the green door?

  6. kenrblan1901 says:

    I agree with Edmond and Saturn that the World with arrow conveys the idea of backup while remaining somewhat abstract. The safe logo is a close second, but I think of archive more than backup when I look at it.

    Striped world looks like a rip-off of the new pepsi branding, which I don’t really like either.

  7. Fionn says:

    I’m not a fan of any of them, but I suppose the ‘world w/arrow’ is a distant second.

    Of course, WCP’s photo is recognizable to a sizeable portion of the professional backup/data security community… maybe one of those “New Yorker Magazine”-style caricature line-drawings might be an option. 🙂

    There’s always the ‘no logo, just text’ option. Very classy.

  8. bradknowles says:

    For “World w/ Arrow”, the arrow needs to be going the other direction. Most people won’t get the fact that the most important fact is the restores (the real goal, if there ever is a disaster) and not the backups (one means to the end), and they won’t understand why the arrow appears to be going the wrong way.

  9. msetzerii says:

    I’d like the World one, but to have two world icons. One with a B and arrow going in one direction, and one with a R with arrow going in other direction. Backing up requires both parts.

  10. bielecki says:

    Whichever logo you may choose, I want to see a clean, easy-to-read font. Don’t compromise readability with unconventional curves as seen in “Dots in a circle” and “Striped World.” Also I am not impressed with the readability of lettering shaded with gradients as in “Blue Box w/Arrows” and “World w/arrow.”

    I vote for “Orange w/Computer” though I am not convinced of the choice of colors, and perhaps it could use a smaller second arrow to represent restoration alongside of backing up (like the following):

    One thing I like about the color orange is that it is not blue. Blue is too conventional (what may loosely be called conservative). Blue is not distinctive, and to choose the color blue would show a lack of courage.

  11. ChrisFricke says:

    I don’t mind the blue box w/arrows though I think the box placement is awkward. I do like the simple icon-less approach of one line with dots actually. I’m with most others in that the last two (circle and world) are not so good. The rest are… eh… whateva 8)

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