Why do we even back up? (Backup to Basics)

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We get right to the heart of the matter in this next episode of our Backup to Basics series. (See what we did there?). Why do we even back up? It is expensive, time consuming, and no one seems to want to be in charge of it, so we do we even do it anyway. This episode is based on Chapter 1 of W. Curtis Preston’s latest O’Reilly book, Modern Data Protection, which you can download for free courtesy of Curtis’ employer, Druva. Curtis believes there are three categories of reasons: human disasters, mechanical failures, and natural disasters. We talk about the odds of each of these happening, and how that’s changed over the years.

The episode also starts with Mr. Backup telling the story of how he got into backup in the first place, as well as telling the story of the first time he lost data. It’s the whole reason he ended up dedicating his career to backup, and he learned a lot of things from that failure.

Here are the links to other episodes we discuss in this episode of the pod.

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